Alison Costa

Psychotherapy Benefits

let go of limiting, negative beliefs - learn to be present
reduce anxiety and stress - find more joy and exuberance 

heal from childhood traumas - create safe & healthy boundaries recover from addictive behaviors and substance abuse - identify co-dependency

discover and develop new and meaningful commitments toward your goals reduce blame - take responsibility for your actions 

develop self-compassion - be kind and generous to yourself and towards others take personal control - learn how to work your strengths and limitations

navigate through difficult life transitions - discover and create new possibilities discover your resilience -  increase your ability to adapt and change

deepen your interactions & fulfillment in the world – balance career and family  expand your consciousness to become more in tune with your personal reality

increase feelings of adequacy - build a nourishing self-esteem find your deeper voice - speak your truth with conviction

feel abundant in relationships - access your heart with intimate connections make wise lifestyle choices (balance nutrition, exercise, reduce toxic elements)