Alison Costa


Individuals * Couples * Groups

An Individual Psychotherapy session

with Alison provides a safe, non-judgmental space in which to explore personal challenges.  Within this confidential relationship, Alison encourages wellness by helping to transform obstacles into more meaningful life experiences while deepening self-awareness. 

By reducing symptoms, clarifying goals and increasing positive connections, Alison helps facilitate a path towards leading a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Integrating talk therapy or blending other therapeutic techniques (somatic psychology, movement therapy, visualization, mindfulness practices, goal setting, dream interpretation, writing exercises, yoga therapy techniques), she creates a surrounding in which to enhance and recover from acute and chronic conditions.  Her approach to psychotherapy promotes an integrated mind * body * spirit * connection while building upon one’s unique strengths and resources.

Areas of Alison’s expertise include: Depression; anxiety; life transitions; dual diagnosis/substance abuse recovery; intimate and interpersonal relationships; personal coaching; career & goal setting; assertiveness & communication; self-esteem; lifestyle choices; domestic violence; grief and loss; trauma and abuse; and personal growth.

Welcome to a relationship of empathy, support, challenge and understanding.

Explore patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving while improving the most important relationship – the one with yourself.

Individual therapy sessions are unique and individually personalized.  

A Couple’s therapy session

is a process through which a couple enters a therapeutic exchange in an effort to recognize and better manage troublesome differences and destructive patterns of behavior. 

When couples become frustrated intolerant or disinterested, relationships change dramatically.  Difficult communication patterns can develop into considerable challenges. Family and individual responsibilities; cultural or spiritual beliefs; temperament or attitudinal differences; parental stress, work or financial stressors, may also challenge a normally healthy relationship.

Couples therapy provides partners insight into negative patterns of behavior and facilitates more positive levels of communication, reduces defensive and avoidant behaviors, dismantles resentments and past betrayals, enhances balance and rejuvenates compassion, while building trust, intimacy and optimism with deeper clarity.

Intimate relationships can be a source of great pleasure, comfort and vitality.  With guidance, Alison believes relationships can dramatically improve. Alison’s work with culturally diverse couples is one of her specialities.


A group session is a unique way to experience support in a confidential, trusting environment. 

Group therapy can help you to:
- Realize that you share a similar belief
   system with others
- Receive support and feedback
- Reduce isolation and increase social skills
- Challenge personal patterns in a safe,
   respectful environment

Alison currently facilitates specialized
Yoga Therapy groups:

-Women in Transition
  (after the end of a relationship)
-Women In Recovery (yoga therapy for
  substance recovery and aftercare)
-Women Coping with Depression and Anxiety

Appointments (Individual & Couples) are available in Alison’s San Francisco or San Anselmo offices.

Group sessions are held in Alison’s San Anselmo office only.  

Contact Alison to arrange an appointment.

Alison accepts Private Pay, Victim Witness and Medical. She is also a Preferred Provider with many Insurance HMO, PPO and EAP panels.

Alison welcomes individuals (adults) and couples, of all ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, communities/lifestyle practices and spiritual traditions.  She has practical skills in Portuguese and Spanish languages that enrich her work with culturally diverse individuals/couples.